Meet Howie: Your Email-Based Scheduling Assistant

How It Works

Howie manages your schedule directly through email, like an executive assistant. You can interact with him by emailing

Getting Started

  1. Sign up and link your calendar to Howie.
  2. Set your availabilities and other settings via
  3. Connect with additional calendars and your Zoom account if needed.
  4. Howie is a conversational AI. You can email requests to in plain english, and Howie will accommodate the best he can.

Using Howie

  • Coordinate Meetings: CC Howie in an email chain and say, "Howie, find a time next week for this meeting." Howie will coordinate with all participants to find the best slot. Upon selecting a slot, Howie will create the calendar invite and send it to all relevant attendees.
  • Reschedule Meetings: Email Howie with, "Reschedule my 3 PM meeting to Friday." Howie will email attendees and coordinate a new time for your meeting.
  • Add to calendar: Email Howie a request like “put a 2 hour block on my calendar tomorrow to work on the board deck”, or for an email to Howie with a simple instruction like, "Please add this PTA meeting to my calendar"
  • Weekly briefings: Receive a daily email from Howie with your schedule overview and other insight about your calendar. [coming soon]
  • Booking links: If someone sends you their Calendly link, just forward it to Howie and Howie will book a time that works for you. [coming soon]
  • Set reminders: Tell Howie, "Remind me about this next Wednesday.” [coming soon]

Key Features

  • Parameters: You can ask Howie to schedule a particular meeting within plain english parameters, like “Howie, can you find a time for us to meet in the afternoon next thurs/fri?” or “Howie, can you grab us a time in late Feb?”
  • Durations: You can set a default meeting duration in your dashboard, but you can also override that by simply asking. For example: “Howie, can you find 90 mins for me and Dave to meet next week?”
  • Multi-Calendar Sync: Howie can sync with multiple Google Calendars to avoid conflicts.
  • Conferencing options: You can have Howie set up calendar invites for a Google Meet, Zoom, or phone call.


Currently, you must be a user of Google Calendar in order to use Howie.


How does Howie understand and process my requests?

Howie uses advanced AI to interpret your plain English requests. Just email your requirements, and Howie will process and act on them accordingly.

What if there's a conflict in my schedule?

Howie checks for conflicts in your linked calendars before scheduling any appointments to ensure there are no overlaps.

Can I set recurring meetings with Howie?

Yes, you can instruct Howie to schedule recurring meetings. Mention the recurrence pattern in your email, and Howie will set it up.

Can Howie schedule Zoom meetings?

Yes, you can integrate Zoom with Howie. Check out our Zoom guide on how to connect your Zoom account.

How can I delete my account?

You can revoke Howie’s Google Oauth access at any time. If you would like to fully delete your account, email your request to

Need help?

Reach out to us at, or visit our support page for more details on our support hours.